My entire life, I have been an explorer and a creator. I am keen to look for inspiration in history, and I absorb myself in the magnetism of my culture’s past. It’s in my nature to produce art and invent beauty, and I was motivated to include elements of old traditions in my art. But immersion into the familiar art of yesterday is not the center of my work.

As an artist, my goal here is both originality and functionality. It may seem that my work does not carry a single theme. The pieces are dispersed and varied. Yet their focus is not harmony, but individual utility.

An opportunity to work with clay opens up a world of possibilities. I tried to represent those possibilities in each separate creation. Using hard and stubborn clays I work to portray strength and power. Applying the more ductile clays I display their ability to exude grace and plastic elegance. To demonstrate the medium’s potential, I worked to show many textures, using tools to carve and scrape new forms into the surface.

An idea I tried to involve in this collection was a closeness to nature with a tone of purpose for each piece. Not in the the work’s exterior, but the design with which the work functions. My ceramics each present a use with which they contain an element of our natural world, whether it be a candle’s flame, flowers in water or gemstones and jewelry.

Karina Kudymova
San Jose, California